Warehousing Options

Primary Facility


7344 Cockrill Bend Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209


The primary facility is approximately 60,000 square feet. The facility has over two thousand pallet locations, multiple areas for rack/shelf storage, an area set aside for products requiring climate control, and a special packaging area. This facility is used as the primary pick pack facility. It is also where the company maintains is corporate offices.


Bulk Storage Facility


1501 County Hospital Road
Nashville, TN 37218


The bulk storage facility is approximately 112,000 square feet. The facility is a high bay facility that can handle large volume storage requirement. This facility is generally leased to clients requiring bulk storage. This facility also has up to 10 acres of open land that could be utilized for outside storage for equipment or temporary trailer storage.

In addition to the company owned facilities WFS has access to numerous storage facilities within minutes of the existing facilities that can be leased in support of a client needing the combined services offered by WFS. WFS has approximately 200 acres of land ready for new construction for the right client.

The availability of warehouse space should not be considered as a limitation. If you have a need WFS can find the right solution.

The existing facilities are only minutes away from one another. Both have excellent access to the Interstate highway systems.


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