Services at WFS

WFS offers you the client the option to structure the type of order processing and distribution support that fits your operation and your budget. All of our service support is available on an a-la-carte basis. All you have to do is select what you need and Warehousing and Fulfillment will deliver the desired results. Some of the options for consideration are as follows:

Warehousing -
WFS has two facilities in Nashville, TN. One is a 125,000 sq. ft. high bay bulk warehouse and the other is our corporate office and the primary pick/pack fulfillment support service center. It consists of approximately 50,000 sq. ft. with areas set aside for climate controlled storage, a collating and inserting/assembly/manifesting area, a packaging area, and approximately 2,000 individual pallet and/or shelf pick locations. WFS can meet your storage and order processing requirements.
Order Processing and Fulfillment -
WFS will process your orders (drop ship direct to consumer or bulk orders to retailers or wholesalers) in accordance with your specifications. Orders can be mailed, sent by fax, electronically transferred, or linked directly to the WFS shipping system through your information system or your web site.
B2B Direct Marketing & Call Center Support -
WFS has a state-of-the-art telephone system equipped with the newest call center software available from Toshiba/Oaisys™ that enables WFS to handle phone orders quickly and efficiently. The system is designed to handle telephone calls (in and outbound) in support of regular customer service operations or for heavy volume special direct marketing projects. The Oaisys™ Call Center ACD system provides for online call management monitoring with detailed tracking and reporting for all calls. Call center service support is only available during our normal business hours, which are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.
Letter Shop Variable Data Print Production and Mailing Services -
The WFS customer service team works very closely with our clients in the creation of variable data mail production. WFS handles the data manipulation, collation and insertion of the mail pieces, and WFS introduces the finished mail piece into the mail stream utilizing our Pitney Bowes ™ mailing system. WFS can also produce short run marketing materials such as sell sheets, brochures, and catalogs utilizing our WFS full color or black/white "on demand" printing solution.
Web Site Development & Hosting -
WFS offers Web Site design and hosting support that can be linked to the WFS order entry system for ease in converting and managing E-commerce orders. Additionally, WFS can provide you with an E-commerce shopping cart and merchant account; if you do not already have these services established. All of the systems are automated and linked together to provide a seamless order flow.
Special Shipment Packaging/Mailing Support -
WFS provides prepack kit assembly support as well as product labeling, shrink wrapping, and in line packaging/insertion/mailing services. This is all performed utilizing technology that is on the cutting edge in the mailing and package shipping industry. WFS has combined the technology available through the use of a Sealed Air Packaging Machine to create a lower cost method of packaging and mailing for its clients.
Membership Cards and ID Badges -
WFS has three hi speed variable data membership/badge card printers where WFS can create full color, personalized data, membership cards, ID badges, and security badges.
Returns Processing -
WFS processes, grades, separates and repacks returns quickly and efficiently. WFS offers this as part of its regular customer service support or as a stand alone service.
Online Information Tracking/Reporting -
All of the reports required to check on your inventory, track open orders, verify shipments, and validate the activity performed by WFS can be monitored via the Internet.

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