WFS Product Packaging

WFS utilizes various vendors for standard packaging but the primary packaging solution utilized by WFS is a state-of- the-art system produced in conjunction with The Shanklin Equipment Corporation and the producers of Jiffy Pak®; the system is a Sealed Air® Priority Pak Packaging. This is cutting edge technology with only a handful of these systems installed across the country. The system basically creates a Jiffy Pak® created on the packaging line that is shaped and formed around the item being shipped as the parcel is being manifested and labeled for shipment. The benefits are better protection during transit, tighter controls on shipment process verification, lighter packaging thus lower shipping costs, and no requirement for packing peanuts or paper stuffing. The parcel arrives in perfect condition and the shipping cost is generally less expensive. WFS shrink wrapping and kit bundling systems are in place that can be utilized for special product finishing requirements, as well.


WFS has been packaging product for ove twenty years. Some projects have involved as many as 200,000 packages (prepared, shrink wrapped and mailed) per week. WFS is ready to handle your packaging needs.

WFS nutilizes high speed shrink wrap machines to provide its clients with top quality shrink wrapping at speeds that enable WFS to be very competitive on shrink wrap packaging. WFS can also handle smaller manual projects if that is needed.

WFS can customize a solution that will fit your requirements.


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