WFS Order Processing and Fulfillment

WFS will process your orders (drop ship direct to consumer or bulk orders to retailers or wholesalers) in accordance with your specifications. Orders can be mailed, sent by fax, electronically transferred, or linked directly to the WFS shipping system through your information system or your web site.


  WFS Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Process
Individual packing slip order documents are created delivered to the warehouse in batch mode for ease in picking
Tracking numbers are captured and sent back to the main IT system and mail server so the client and/or customer can be sent an email notification that the package has been shipped.
The inventory is picked systematically from a batch pick ticket created to make sure the picking flow pattern requires minimum travel and picking time to improve order flow efficiency
During the manifesting and order closing process the inventory, customer and transaction files are updated to bring the system up to date in real time with every order processed.
After picking the orders they are either moved to the manual packaging stations or the automated packaging and manifesting area for process verification and manifesting. Both stations utilize the WFS Pitney Bowes SendSuite™ shipping system.

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