WFS Web Site Development, E-commerce Support, Merchant Account Handling

WFS can create a complete new web site with or without a shopping cart to meet your Internet business requirements and while we have staff programmers on site, we are also affiliated with a number of free lance web developers both domestically and internationally that can build a wide range of Web Site applications, from the simplest to very complex applications.

Should you already have your web site but need WFS to supply a shopping cart that is custom designed to look like it was created as a part of your site originally, WFS can add this functionality to your existing site.

As a part of the WFS E-commerce solution, WFS has established merchant account relationships and can provide these services to you thereby making your entry into the E-Commerce world easy and reliable.

The WFS solution combines the merchant account set up and handling with the WFS internal inventory and shipping system, thereby automating the entire E-commerce solution. This translates into faster more efficient and lower cost E-commerce support for you and your customers. Currently the WFS merchant account affiliations include the following online solutions for credit card merchant account sales.


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